Vickie Olano Testimony

Kathy, today January 15, 2020, I spiritually turned  1 years old and I just wanted to
thank you for helping me out of my depression and for being there for me
at all times. You are one of the people I seriously look up to and have
so much respect for. I know that you didn’t
deliver me out of what I was going through, but the Lord used you as a
vessel for Him speak through you to speak to me and I am eternally
grateful. You mean the world and back to me Kathy. I love you so much
and I thank God for creating such a beautiful person
with such a beautiful soul.
There are no words that can explain how grateful I am. You
are amazing and you have so many beautiful qualities. You are unique and
you are the light in the darkness. May God
bless you and your ministry... 
Victoria Olano

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