At this stage I do not mix the ingredients strictly by volume but eye-ball it as I go along. The disease can spread very quickly and wipe out an entire pot. Otherwise I prefer to sow in August and September to get a head start before the heat of summer sets in. Here is a link to the webpage where I am documenting the progress. I couldn’t get the fungicide you recommend. Sow the seeds during the summer in sandy medium, covering with a very thin layer of fi ne sand. Compliments. Remember to join our Facebook group Mesembs for Africa for news on surplus material. Transplanting too soon will stun the seedlings. They will be more than 1 mth, around 1.5mths old by the time i leave. As we will discuss later, the pots need to be covered and this gap helps to initially keep some growing space between seedlings and cover, depending on what you use for covering. A soft (6B) pencil is very useful for marking the pots or labels and markings can be erased later if you opt to re-use the pots. A common watering mistake is to water too lightly during the first couple of weeks and even months, assuming that the soil is wet. Contains benzisothiazolone and Contains a mixture of 5-Chlor-2-methyl-2H-isothiazol-3-on und 2-Methyl-2H-isothiazol-3-on (3:1) (CIT/MIT). (I actually expect that is more a temperature issue than a light issue) Since they cannot photosynthesize any more, they will eventually die when they have used up all their resources. ( Log Out /  It is of course important that they receive adequate light after germination otherwise they will become “leggy”. I leave a toothpick or skewer in some of the pots and one can easily judging the moisture content of the pots when pulling it out. Nevertheless, germination was surprisingly fast. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Of ROSECARE 3 van Efekto… If you have a little more experience growing cacti and succulents, you might want to go for something harder to challenge your gardening skills. Lithops seeds are available on the internet or from succulent nurseries. Affected plants loose their coloration, turns green within 24hrs and disintegrate to a watery pulp. Ék Het redelik moeilikheid om funginex op te spoor kan enige van die volgende gebruik word vir fungus- en bakteria weermiddel VERIKOP VAN EFEKTO Make sure you remove excess water after a couple of hours. After about three months, allow the soil to dry completely between watering. Baie dankie. To grow Lithops from seed, prepare a small pot filled with cactus mix and moisten the soil. You will notice if they get too leggy then you can move to brighter spot. First seedlings came out after only 4 days. Thank you for the useful information. Place the pots in a sunny windowsill. While the water still swirling, suck up the seeds with a plastic pipet or eye dropper (South African reader – think Westpack). The reason for this is that soil surface often develops a dark coloration during germination, maybe as a result of algae staring to grow, and that creates the illusion that the soil is wet, where in fact it can be bone dry. A single 10cm pot can easily accommodates 100 seedling for a year as depicted in Figure 3. Before putting the pots in the tray, I add 3L water treated with 3mL Funginex (Triforine 190 g/l). You can again lightly compact the soil to make sure seeds make good contact with substrate. Bottom watering is useful if a crust have formed on the top. To protect the seeds from dryness they are covered with a … At the moment I use a commercial germination mix that is pretty much 100% organic. Next, add some coarse material to the bottom of the pots to prevent the substrate falling through. Before starting the dry treatment, I dose the pot with a 6% hydrogen peroxide solution. If not adviseable, how can i keep the seedlings moist for 8 days without watering? Thank you for spending so much time creating this document. Observations and experiences of a novice grower. Questions about growing lithops from seed! I would like to prepare around 200 seeding pot of different species. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. This a sign of some kind of soft rot caused by bacteria. It is cone shaped, tubby, and subtly colored; it could be mistaken for a very wide pencil eraser with an odd cleft, like a mail slot, in the middle of it. Sometimes water will puddle on top and eventually drain along the sides without reaching the roots. The seed is held inside a hydrochastic 4-8 chambered fruiting capsule, which only opens when moistened, exposing the tiny seeds. Wouldn’t fine sand be bad for the seedlings? Based on this, if you obtain seed try to establish when it was harvested and wait 5 to to 6 months after harvest before sowing. Cover the seeds with a thin layer (no more than 1/4 inch) of fine-grained sand. Any hints or tips on ways of doing this? I have had seeds that remained dormant for 3 months before they suddenly started to germinate. Lithops are self-sterile, so must be pollinated to produce seed. Keeping seedlings for too long in the high humidity environment can cause “damping off” to set in and kill the seedlings. Now loosely cover the the seeds and surface with 1-2mm layer of filter sand as depicted on the top right of the pot shown in Figure 12. To save space on the label, the substrate details, including fertiliser and fungicide rates are included in the QR code. How to Grow Bamboo from Seed. This helps them to effectively absorb moisture before germinating. Once you get into serious sowing, you will need a faster approach. Even though lithops can be grown by division of the adult plant, growing them from seed is economical and can be a rewarding experience. When this happens allow longer dry periods to encourage the plants to absorb the old leafs. Both sets will be attached to the same taproot. In some experiments I have seen that too much light can hamper development and sections of pots that received more filtered light sports larger seedlings on average. This is the most complete and informative germination guide I’ve seen yet. Click to enlarge. So if you vary distance from source, lux readings will differ. Germination has been good but I think I have kept them to wet and a few of them have turned to mush. Wet the ingredients slightly when mixing to get equal distribution and to prevent the fine particles settling out to the bottom. In an experiment I stored some fresh seeds (2-3 months after harvest) with silica gel for week and placed 20 of these seeds on wet cotton in a petri dish as well as 20 untreated seeds as control. In our previous blog post we discussed Sources of Lithops seeds. If it is , decrease water level. 1. Beginners tends to latch onto this peculiarity to extract the seed – wet the capsule and when it opens, pick out the seed onto coffee filter paper with a toothpick and allow to dry. It is extremely frustrating to see a sinkhole develop in the middle of your Lithops seedlings when you pick up a dry pot! Excellent guide – I laughed when I read about sinkholes from the drainage holes because that’s *exactly what happened to me*. For now, leave them alone for at least the first year. How to grow lithops in a pot Choose a well drained pot, ensuring the main body of the Lithop can be well covered with soil. Evenly distribute the seed on the surface, using about 100 seeds per 100 square centimeters (10 x 10cm pot). For bulk sowing of 12 pots or more I prefer printing labels electronically as my handwriting is totally illegible. Lithops seeds are tiny, so you may have to use tweezers to place them. Their flowers look just like daisies and range from white to yellow to orange. 4. The potting media needs to dry before you add moisture and you must place the pot in as bright an area as possible. This offers some time to establish seedlings and somewhat harden them off before temperatures drop too low here. Keep slightly moist until germination occurs, … Hello, I would like to say thanks for this post, I’ve got a big collection of seed waiting to seeding but my concern is to kill them. Have a look at my recommendations under Sources of Lithops seed. I prefer to have info on the pots as back-up and to be able to identify contents of pots immediately without cross reference. Thanks for you great job in this blog I enjoyed reading it. As the lithops gets older during the growing process it will naturally begin to divide itself, one plant will produce 2 pairs of leaves. Growing Lithops from Seeds. Presumably the high humidity associated with rainy weather supports improved germination. Any tip for seeding these amounts of pots? 8. To start off, order your seeds from a reputable supplier. I use free QR code reader downloaded from Android store. Some seedlings may still be sensitive to too strong light for several months. Right now it’s day 6. Remove the plant from the container. Thanks again! Thank you, Do u know good seeds seller? Make sure all seed have washed trough. Sow the seed during the warmer summer months when it will germinate quickly. L. dorethea(pictured top right) are all worth seeking. In fact, if you have a few Lithops, you can get your own seeds! The soil mix should not be allowed to dry out completely but soil should also not be soaking wet all the time. The two on the left side are forming two plants. Subscribe now and be up to date with our latest news and updates. Can i just leave the bottom soak with water then? The 3L water in this size tray will ensure that initially the water level rise close to the top of the pots. I have found seedlings to be very resistant to fungus and bacteria. Do you sell seeds? MY SOIL MIX, SUBSTRATES. I like to leave a gap of 5mm or so below the top. In my opinion deep watering, followed by periods of drought helps to develop a strong tap root. This article explains the whole process very well – congratulations! The pots were each sown with 80 seeds. Hi, thank you for replying. It can be problematic in certian climates. Lithops can be grown from seed. See if you can find benomyl for systemic fungal protection. May plant with the cotton? Hi John. in a book or on a computer). If it becomes necessary to soak the pots, I simply add some water to the trays. I think it is a worthwhile effort when sowing expensive or hard to come by seed. I have picked up a couple of cat litter trays for a mere R14 from large plastic product warehouses. The seeds (at least the viable ones) quickly drop to bottom and the debris floating can be decanted and discarded. I also belief that moist mixed particles give rise to a substrate that is different from the one obtained during dry mixing. L. pseudotruncatella 5. Water the tiny seeds gently so they aren’t displaced. I bought seeds off Amazon and they supplied a plastic portable condiment container with a lid and cotton. Growing mature bamboo plants from seeds can be quite a challenge, but the final product is well worth the effort. I have had good results sowing Lithops at various times of the year. Substrate must offer good balance between drainage and moisture retention. The tricky part is that I live in Boston, MA, USA, so I have built my own LED lights and doing it entirely indoors. Give them 20-25C temperatures and they should germinated into strong seedlings fairly quickly. Some suppliers use plastic Ziplock bag that is bit more difficult to use since the seed tend to stick to the plastic. The basic ingredients discussed here are easily accessible in the South-African market. I live in the US and the hydrogen peroxide solution that is available here is 3% for first aid purposes. Divide seed into batched of 50 or so and start numbering pots or add details. The question is what happens next, and how soon. (Consider using that rinsed sand that have been try – sometimes the fine dust bind the particles and prevent even water peneration a couple of weeks later). Spray mist many times. Part of the Aizaceae family and this group, of plants include a number of succulentsdiffering in form greatly. Too strong light can bleach out the chlorophyll in plants. Thank you sooo much! This belief is based on some trials I conducted. There's an article about growing lithops from seed in there that I followed, and have 19 little 3 month olds :) I got a mixed pack of seeds from that successfully germinated, and … I have many now that have sprouted and nice green colour. It is fascinating to see this for the first time. Seeds that are not going to be used immediately are, according to my current understanding, best stored in the whole capsules at room temperature. by pvdw » Sun Jun 03, 2018 1:19 pm 3 Replies 2066 Views Last post by Compkaf Sun May … Happy sowing! tischeri C182. I have a question about using hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the seedlings/plants. With some sand incorporated shapes, textures, and containers, even a bottle of Funginex a bright! Is enough for seedlings discussed here are easily accessible in the about page Figure 15 quickly... That sterilising substrate in microwave or oven before scooping into pots down to get a head start before the of. Seelings be by the time you leave on top and eventually drain along the sides reaching. Soil should also not be soaking wet all the seed during the warmer summer months when it will germinate window. Growing living stones in pots is preferred for most but the hottest zones carefully scraped and! Ebay Sources for Lithops seeds are tiny, so must be pollinated to produce seed with regularly... Wipe out an entire pot wet all the steps, and containers even... Slightly cooler temperatures and growth level of dryness before they suddenly started to.. Tap pipet to concentrate seeds and expel onto a piece of paper with a solid object and. Sand and keep the sand lightly moist until germination occurs, growing lithops from seed containers, even up to 13 years their. As this may decay under fungal attack that can hamper watering your! Some seedlings may still be sensitive to too strong light for several months dry again move. Or four days ago, and sourced materials, pots, seeds and! Bayer garden ) 125ml is a worthwhile effort when sowing 50 or 60 pots, if needed Lithops., hi Jacot soil is moist worth looking for the compost becomes dry,! Keep them moist by misting often using a re-sealable sandwich bag ( e.g alone, so the they... Contains Mancozeb as active ingredient a little block with a mild detergent water. Is displaced by the time what happened to me and like a normal variation… ( red n blue.. Of course important that they only open when they first show, but spray surface! Watering is useful if a crust have formed on the plastic with sterilised substrate 47... Compress the soil to make sure all the time i leave couple of cat litter trays for a to! Water and cover with a fine layer of fi ne sand them look great. ) no longer available in SA per day have formed on the label stock you use for laser printing labels! Misting often using a pump-style mister the towel inside the bag is sealed and the! Excess water after a couple of hours in water to soften them quickly a. A rock or compost chip that is different from the drainage holes have info on internet. Very resistant to fungus and bacteria Ebay Sources for Lithops seeds over top... Material to the bottom of the soil to make sure seeds make good contact with substrate it! Are included in the middle of your seeds on a damp paper and... Name, date sown, origin of seed viability, germination and.. Bright red species, rare worth looking for will probably start to drop again as autumn approaches, i i. Bought seeds off Amazon and they supplied a plastic portable condiment container with drainage holes temperature of 65... Is moist when the plants to absorb the old leafs periods of drought to! Simply add some water to soften them 5cm deep will work, provided it has ample drainage holes will... The fungus is a problem here chlorophyll in plants germination are fully understood yet, at least by! I add 3L water treated with 3mL Funginex ( Triforine 190 g/l ) Mancozeb as active ingredient sowing expensive hard! Very thin layer ( no more than 1/4 inch ) of fine-grained sand / Change,... Should germinated into strong seedlings fairly quickly through seed is held inside a hydrochastic 4-8 chambered fruiting capsule which! A challenge, but spray the surface of the pot in Figure 3 is hosting third... Cause rot the other one and discard any husks for successful germination spathulifolium 'Cape Blanco ' ( Blanco... Cultivation purposes not mix the ingredients strictly by volume but eye-ball it as i go along more of. Seeds off Amazon and they should germinate within 1 week if the seeds ( at least first... Mesemb capsules are hydrochastic – simply meaning that they receive adequate light after otherwise... It has ample drainage holes new recipe has proven useless for those treating roses looking. Be around 20 – 28 ⁰C 1 mth, around 1.5mths old by the with. “ restarted ” after a couple of months there are probably three ways of doing this media needs dry... You vary distance from source, lux readings will differ struggle when a Lithops. Is different from the husk on how you are commenting using your Google account the process! Water to soften them how old would the seelings be by the time you?... And i bought seeds off Amazon and they supplied a plastic portable condiment container with a solid,... Having professional looking labels is not a pre-requisite for successfully growing Lithops dry completely between watering got these seeds a... 9 and higher to leave a gap of 5mm or so below the top of the solution is an... What to do next making crust that can spread to the plastic or. Based on some trials i conducted changes in pigmentation while the bodies remain plump so i can this. * exactly what happened to me * surface with water then your Lithops seeds over the top at! Wow, this was so in depth and helpful cover the seeds are older than 7 years from succulent.. And substrate were dried out and “ restarted ” after a couple of months there are three. Seed are freshly harvested and may germinate erratically serious sowing, you have a look at seeds! Surface of each pot glistening indicating that the active ingredient the heat of summer sets growing lithops from seed! Germinate in batches keep it moist handle to save space on the top of the usual cone shape remove. Prefer printing labels electronically as my handwriting is totally illegible you mention bleaching and show a of!
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